When Total Science & S.P.Y come together the collaboration is always worth getting excited about.
Total Science aka Q Project & Spinback have teamed up with S.P.Y aka Carlos Lima again after their massive Gangsta/Above The Clouds on Shogun Audio last year.

A prime example of drum & bass production excellence, Ghostrider EP is out on Total Science’s imprint C.I.A. on 4th May.

Ghostrider starts the EP with a feeling not encountered in drum & bass before.
The ethereal background sets a mysterious mood, carried forwards by a progressive bassline and brisk breakbeats combined with, why not, ghostly bursts of sound. Magic Hour brings us rapid rolling vibes accompanied by a spellbinding b-line.

Its distinct old school style is accompanied by mystifying female vocals, which together make a fierce, timeless roller.

An Amon Tobin esque intro and hip-hop vocals in Street Sweeper drop into an intense techy roller; heavy hi-hats and industrial sounds shed a new light on what we knew of Total Science & S.P.Y, this is darkness on a next level.
Past Lives is incredibly atmospheric, while also going into the deeper levels of the bass sounds.
TOTAL SCIENCE & S.P.Y ; PAST LIVES [ feat KEVIN KING ] (C.I.A) by Total Science
The soulful vocals of Kevin King are accompanied by a slight oriental vibe in melodies, making this a classy liquid drum & bass tune that still destroys it with the depths.

On a limited edition 10” vinyl as well as the digital release are two more treats. The dangerous vocals and tribal percussions in Stay compliment the minimal approach to drum & bass travelling on lower frequencies.

It’s paired up with Castaway which features a variety of experimental sounds that make the tune sound like the chase you wouldn’t want to have in the jungle.
TOTAL SCIENCE & S.P.Y ; CAST AWAY (C.I.A) by Total Science
In addition to all the vinyl tracks, the digital package includes the energetic While You Were Sleeping.

Ghostrider EP brings together old skool vibes, an assortment of amen breaks and more atmospheric and soulful aspects of drum & bass while still keeping a darker edge throughout, making this another essential C.I.A. release.
Total Science & S.P.Y – Ghostrider EP
Label: C.I.A. // Release Date: 4th May
DJ Support: Andy C, Friction, Hype, Bailey, Fabio, DJ Marky, Spectrasoul, Bryan G, Ed
Rush, Fierce, Lenzman, Jubei, Kasra , A.I , Doc Scott plus many more