Check out Scotland’s Three Blind Wolves splendid debut single ‘Parade’, via Instinctive Racoon on 15th October 2012. They describe themselves as “loud, hairy and unpredictable”.

The band’s sound couldn’t be more different from their native Glasgow, a city covered with atmospheric grey skies, enclosed by heavy Victorian and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, “Glasgow style”, architecture.

The four-piece channel vintage Americana influences, with Parade transporting you to the sleepy towns and vast landscapes of the American frontier.

“Parade is about feeling lost, forlorn and disconnected from your personal life and the city you life in,” says lead vocalist Ross Clark.

“The one thing that will keep you going is that special someone that will keep you moving forward awaiting the good times, whether they come or not, the important thing is that you keep pushing through.”

Parade is released via Instinctive Racoon on 15th October 2012.