The Bullitts are the inspired brainchild of writer, producer and musician Jeymes Samuel (Jay-Z, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Estelle, Passion Pit, Mos Def, Roisin Murphy, Emeliana Torrini). Its creator, Samuel describes the new outfit’s musical genre as ‘Action Adventure’.The Bullitts- ‘The Diary of Amelia Sparks’: True to their Action Adventure genre the album introduces Liu in the role of Amelia Sparks, an ice-cold murderess awaiting execution on death row.Acting as the album’s narrator, Sparks’ weaves in and out of the tracks recounting her story and the actions that lead to her formidable position.

The grisly events are also played out in real time on The Bullitts Twitter page where Amelia’s diary is serialised in of the moment tweets – it also features an illustrious cast of extras such as Idris Elba (The Wire, Takers, Luther) who plays detective Saul Emmanuel.

Close Your Eyes (featuring Jay Electronic and Lucy Liu) is out 18th April, digitally available now.