FAME Recommends: Teenagersintokyo ‘New Day’

Sydney’s gorgeously dark-pop quintet Teenagersintokyo announce the release of their next single ‘New Day’.
A twilight lullaby laced with agro beats, soaring synths and light-as-air guitar melodies.

Produced by David Kosten (Bat for Lashes), Teenagersintokyo’s debut album ‘Sacrifice’ is emerging as one of the most exciting indie releases of 2010.
Their fresh brand of melancholic temper and feisty rhythms and hooks has seen ‘Sacrifice’ clinch the number one spot on the Independent Record Store charts and the band continue to be one of the highest selling acts on outlets including recordstore.co.uk.

Front-woman Samantha Lim’s voice exposes a pained innocence and live the band reach an element of intensity few can achieve.

Selling out shows across the country, Teenagersintokyo are rapidly increasing their pull and pulsed out a highly praised set at their capacity filled show at this year’s Great Escape Festival.

With their live reputation growing by the day the band announce head back out on the road with dates to be announced throughout August.