After a single, an EP, a couple of online tracks and a whole load of excitable buzz tipping them for the top, London duo Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey – better known as Summer Camp – are finally unveiling their deliciously idiosyncratic, gloriously kaleidoscopic vision of pop with their debut full length “Welcome to Condale”, released on their own Apricot Recording Company imprint, in conjunction with Moshi Moshi and Pledgemusic.

Taking its cues from teen films from the 80’s, “Welcome to Condale” unfolds, appropriately, in cinematic fashion, bringing to vivid life a cast of misfits and prom queens, loners and lovers all going through crises of the heart, evoking a whole universe of heartbreak and longing in miniature.

Listeners may already be familiar with some tracks – the sepia swoon of “Ghost Train” reappears for instance, as does the utterly beguiling live favourite “Summer Camp” but, as the single “Better Off Without You” proves, Summer Camp have much more up their sleeves than simply crafting a dreamy, hazy pop gem.

Speaking of the album – there is still time to make a pledge, if you haven’t already done so – just go to pledgemusic.com/projects/summercamp and you can keep up to date with its progress while also choosing from an array of brilliant pledges, from one-off, tailor made mixtapes to homemade brownies to tickets to festivals.
The single “Better Off Without You” is out now
The debut LP “Welcome to Condale” is released on October 31