The fresh London musical collective Rudimental are back with their first solo EP ‘Speeding’ on Black Butter Records. Rudimental consists of songwriter & producer Piers Agget, songwriter Kesi Dryden and DJs Locksmith and Douglas. Rudimental – Speeding ft. Adiyam – Dodge & Fuski Remix (Black Butter #7) {Out May 30th} by Black Butter Records
RUDIMENTAL “Speeding” (BLACK BUTTER) 02.05.11 by [email protected]
The quartet made their name in 2009 with the club anthem ‘Sexy Sexy’ featuring Natalie May onvocals.
Since then the guys have been busy in the studio and will be releasing the ‘Speeding’ EP at the beginning ofJune.

With dubstep’s impressive crossover into the midst of mainstream music, ‘Speeding’ has brought an innovative urban approach to the UK bass music scene.

With its effortlessly sensual vocals from the beautiful Adiyam accompanied by a speaker-shattering bassline, ‘Speeding’ is undeniably a dancefloor filler.

It’s perfect for the Summer with its relaxed, breezy attitude that takes you in after just one spin.
‘Speeding (feat. Adiyam)’ Label: Black Butter Records
Release Date: June 2011