FAME Recommends: Operator Please ‘Back And Forth’

Operator Please are preparing for the international release of their sophomore album ‘Gloves’ through Brille Records with the announcement that the first single, ‘Back And Forth’ will be available on May 24th.

As 20 year old Amandah Wilkinson, lead singer, songwriter and producer explains..…’With “Back & Forth” we wanted that real kind of girly pop feel going on. I think some of its quite kitsch.
For a while I was really afraid to do things that were too girly; I was really afraid to show that kind of emotion, so that’s why the first record I masked alot of the lyrics because I didn’t want to appear weak.

So on this record, on songs like “Oh My”, “Back & Forth” and “Like Magic”, I really wanted to inject more heart and soul into my songs. It’s really just about reaching down and being a bit more honest and pushing the emotion outward.”
With the album, Gloves, already in the Australian i-tunes top 5, having been released this morning, international fans can also stream it from today from the band’s website operatorpleaseband.comwhere they can also pick up exclusive pre-release goodies including a limited edition cassette (ooh kitsch!) of bonus tracks.

Sonically, Gloves sees Operator Please strike out in a different – and somewhat unexpected – musical direction. Thrashing guitars and shouted vocals are out, funky bass-lines are in.

Influenced by Eurythmics, Prince and Janet Jackson, the album fuses elements of pop, funk and hip-hop with Amandah’s distinctive vocal and the band’s unique instrumentation.

The album’s title, Gloves, is a reference to adding, as Amandah explains, “something a little bit extra” to what you have in the first place. It’s not a complete rebirth, but it’s an added dimension.

In the same way that you dress up an already slamming outfit with a pair of gloves, the sound and feel of Gloves gives the band an extra spark.