FAME Recommends: Nude – ‘Let Me Go’

German electronic band “NUDE”, who’s trademark sound celebrates break beat, drum n bass, big beat and electro punk, today announced the September 7th release of a radical new recording of Heaven 17’s classic 1982 hit single “Let Me Go.”
Inspired by Heaven 17’s 1982 original, NUDE’s version is steeped in big beats and melodic hooks.

The song, along with a re-recording of Human League’s “Being Boiled,” will appear on their forthcoming second album, “Basic Guerrilla Moves,” released in October 2010.

Four different mixes of NUDE’s “Let Me Go” are available throughout Europe via iTunes and all the leading digital download sites.

“NUDE’s take on Let Me Go is a lot more aggressive and upbeat compared to Heaven 17’s original 1982 recording,” says NUDE member Marc Werner.

“It will be interesting to see how Heaven 17 fans respond to our version.

I hope that we have not lost any of Heaven 17’s poignancy and melodrama that made the original recording special the first time around.”

With a Penthouse And Pavement nationwide UK tour that kicks off at the Edinburgh Picture House on November 22nd, Heaven 17’s music continues to be a big influence on a lot of today’s new artists.
NUDE’s interpretation of “Let Me Go” embraces the original sentiment of Heaven 17’s classic, while their refreshing upbeat sound puts a completely different spin on the song that makes it relevant again.