Nashville-born McKendree says: “I’m Here to save the world, the universe, and any other part of the universe not yet known to man – from musical boredom!”

Originally a country singer in his home states, McKendree joined forces with Brazier in 2009 and together they caused controversy with their take on Jolene with McKendree singing the track from a man’s perspective.
Dolly Parton herself has declared she is a huge fan of McKendree and we have no doubt that she would not be disappointed with MMV:2.

Fresh from the success of the only re-write of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, cleared by Dolly herself, on McKendree Mania Vol:1, McKendree is back with the Mania Vol:2.

Nashville-born, international genre-bending recording star McKendree has moved the boundaries of the box once again with Mania Vol:2. McKendree thanks to co-writing uber-producer Pete ‘ZombieBoy’ Brazier.

Recorded in Cambridge, England at Vertical for M2 records, Mania Vol:2 is a grimy, backroom party type of album.

Maniacs (McKendrees fans) can expect to hear a fully rounded album of club, pop and chilled hits.

MMV:2 is available exclusively from from January 31st 2011.