In a time where Grime Mcs and plastic pop dominates the British charts, real music lovers welcome with open arms the first offering from British solo artist, King Jacks.King Jacks is a Rock ‘N’ Roll solo artist. He walks with the swagger that his Britpop heroes have paved the way for.
Returning from Manchester, armed with a collection of songs whose lyrics relate to the common man at a time where the people of the world are already joining together, he unifies truth and empowerment as he chants his way through this indie anthem ‘Heroes’.

Backed by a tribal drum loop, a chorus of vocals and the hand claps behind him, he walks down the middle of the road with his lyric before leading us to a stomping climax that demand the hands in to the air!

Backed up by a double A- side ‘I’m Not The One’ that yet again combines a roaring vocal with a pumping back beat, it seems that this ‘Born and Bred’ North Londoner has discovered the perfect combination of melody and beats!

Indie and dance music! Manchester or London, this is Pure British Rock ‘N’ Roll!
King Jacks live dates:
April 8th – BLACK TEXT @ the queen of hoxton
April 21st – YoYo @ Nottinghill Arts Club
May 12th – Wagon @ Catch, Shoreditch