Fresh from seeing the Olympic Torch arrive safely in Belfast and performing a free concert in front of City Hall in celebration of the event, Northern Ireland’s finest, General Fiasco return with a great new single ‘Bad Habits’ (released on 30th July), taken from their new album ‘Unfaithfully Yours’, released on the same day thorugh Dirty Hit Records.
Recorded with Rocky O’Reilly in Belfast earlier this year General Fiasco consist of Owen Strathern on bass and vocals, brother Enda on guitar, Stephen Leacock on drums and new guitarist / keyboard player Stuart Bell.

‘Unfaithfully Yours’ is most definitely about what comes next, when the party’s over and everyone has gone home and you are just left with your own thoughts and an awful lot of cleaning up to do…
30th July ‘Bad Habits’ – New single
30th July ‘Unfaithfully Yours’ – New album