Brooklyn’s Friends will release their debut album Manifest!, June 4th on Lucky Number.

Produced by the band – singer Samantha Urbani; multi instrumentalists Lesley Hann, Matthew Molnar, and Nikki Shapiro; and drummer Oliver Duncan –its twelve tracks were recorded between last summer and this spring with engineer Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather studios in Brooklyn.

Full track-listing and more details are forthcoming but, for now, as a further provocative taster we are delighted to present the anthemic ‘Mind Control’, which is to be the band’s next single and the album’s climax.

“I don’t want to rule or be ruled/I just want the right to be cool/However I chose to do what I do/Wherever I choose to be or with whom/Hey, I don’t need your money, I can grown my own food/I don’t need your beauty standard, I can be my own dude.”