Friends Electric is a band spawned not by a scene, but a burning desire to make people dance.
You can hear it in the pop hooks at the heart of their songs and feel it in the slinky rhythms and euphoric beats that have been filling dancefloors in their native Wales for the past 18 months.

Based in the former mining town of Neath – or about as far from the hip clubs of London as it’s possible to get without crossing water – Friends Electric are a quartet in their early 20s who formed their first band aged fourteen.
Sneaking in to a Soulwax show a couple of years ago persuaded them to swap their guitars for synths, move together in to a terraced house and do jobs as diverse as delivering pizzas and engineering Abba Mania to fund the purchase of enough equipment to fill their front room.

Friends Electric’s infectious electronic-pop persuaded Frankmusik to snap them up for support last year and Noisettes to hire them for their first remix. 2010 has seen the band rise through the ranks with remixes for Kylie, Kelis and Ellie Goulding, who personally picked them to rework her current single The Writer.

Now Friends Electric are set to cross over with their own songs. The follow-up to their Radio 1-supported, debut single, Wall Of Arms, Golden Blood is a glorious, arms-aloft anthem that will set dancefloors alight through long winter nights.

With a gritty video shot in various locations around their home town of Neath – including an eerie, 1930’s holiday resort which later served as a WW2 POW camp – Friends Electric are ready to follow their famous fans in to the limelight.