Dynamic Electro- Hip Hop duo Flying Without Wingz released of their collaborative EP “Neon Midnight” with French producer Square Tune Magician, under Shake your Ass Records.
V.C explains: “”Neon Midnight” is the epitome of Electro Dance with the swag of Hip Hop. You’re gonna hear some of these tracks in the clubs and have no choice but to feel the rhythm of the beat. Lot’s of fun and great lyrics.”

The first single of the EP is called “Turn On Your TV”. It is about the revolution of music, and not caring about the norm, and also being vigilant of what’s really going on in the world.

IRAWniQ explains: “Bad Girl is a sexier song. It’s explaining how a girl is dancing in the club and everyone wants to get at her..but she’s not having it. She goes out,she does what she wants, and has no regrets. People don’t understand her and all she wants to do is dance. This also can be very metaphoric to how we feel about our personalities and music as a whole.”

V.C adds: “Although this will be our 2nd all electronic release it differs greatly for W2PG in so many ways. We love to make music for the people. “Crazy” is very dope equipped with plenty of ‘drops’. This definitely portrays our background in hip hop. We love that song. The project as a whole is complete and we are elated to share it with you guys. #Activate!”