Since winning the Grammy for “Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album” with her debut Sidebars in 2002, American Alt/Soul vocalist Eartha has gone from strength to strength, and is now set to release her fourth record Ink Dry Blue.
Following a seven year hiatus to write, record and produce a multitude of other artists, musicians, and producers throughout Los Angeles the sultry, raspy-voice contralto is about to make her presence known again.

Ink Dry Blue, in which she wrote every track and played every instrument, is being heralded as a re-invention of her award-winning sound and a musical style that is a hybrid of many and evades categorization.
Ranging from the dirty groove and powerful melodies of ‘Hearts Of Stone’, to the gravelly husk of ‘One By One’ through to the indie rock tinged ‘Pacts We Made’, Eartha succeeds in creating an album that lilts, croons and moves in all the right ways.

A purveyor of beautiful sounds, Eartha creates music designed to lift the spirit; a job she does in spades with Ink Dry Blue.

Eartha- Ink Dry Blue
Label – ARFT Music
Release Date – December 14th 2010