DJ Dan drops his new album ‘Future Retro’ today through Nettwerk Music Group, available to download through iTunes and Beatport – with extra bonus tracks available on each outlet, it’s a meaty selection of the best house-classics ever made, topped with Dan’s inch perfect and highly knowledgeable productions.
Two decades of nurturing and two years in the making, the phrase ‘good things come to those who wait’ has never been more appropriate when it comes to DJ Dan’s debut album… now ‘Future Retro’ finally gets the global recognition it so rightfully deserves.

After 20 years at the cutting edge forefront of all things dance music, it’s about high time that Dan releases his debut album – a steadfast and captivating journey through the history of dance music.

Musical flavours come and go, but DJ Dan remains champion of the scene throughout – as evident during this double dose of EDM therapy, Dan takes his own spin and modernises the retro sounds of today, for the clubbing divas of tomorrow; an essential part of dance music history, this is an album that would sit comfortably in any music fan’s collection.
And to celebrate this vital release to any music fan’s collection, Dan is giving away his ‘Late Night Mix’ of Jomanda’s 1988 classic ‘Make My Body Rock’. You can grab the track here for free
DJ Dan Remix Reel by djdanmusic