deadmau5 returns to business in superb style with ‘HR 8938 Cephei’ – a progressive anthem true to the deadmau5 sound.‘HR 8938 Cephei’ is a 10 minute opus which just builds and builds. Oscillators and sine wave synths ensnare listeners with their simplicity.

But these betray the tracks power on the dancefloor.

Progressive with a hint of minimal it is sure to be a staple at Miami, and will no doubt be sound-tracking many a club night worldwide from now through to the summer and beyond.
Deadmau5 – HR 8938 Cephei by fuckmylife
deadmau5 was inspired by the distant star HR 8938 Cephei.

For the nerds out there, HR 8938 is a sixth magnitude (5.58), class A sub giant 307 light years from Earth with an estimated temperature of 8000 Kelvin, a luminosity of 44 Suns, and radius of 3.5 times our Sun. For more info drop Sir Patrick Moore a line.

‘HR 8938 Cephei’ currently sits at No. 1 on the Beatport chart.

Apparently deadmau5 broke Souncloud.com for a short period of time when he originally posted up the track, with it getting over 159,000 plays in just a day.

After selling out the legendary Earls Court last December, deadmau5 returns to the UK this year for an exclusive headline live outdoor show to be held at London’s Victoria Park on Saturday 11 June .