Dante1In a true explosion of charity, Dante are giving away their latest single, ‘Wake’. Sound familiar? Well, it’s the title track from their album of the same name, released earlier in the year.

What starts off as a low key, introspective, finger-picky folk tune soon explodes into an epic, air punching orgasm of instruments creating a sound so huge, you may want to put the headphones back in the drawer and give your speakers the test drive they deserve – just make sure they’re not laptop speakers, or I will personally find you and slap you on the wrists hard enough to leave a mark.

The best thing about free singles (aside from the fact that they cost you zilch) is that I don’t really have to sell ‘Wake’ to you. It’s there, wrapped up and ripe for the taking – so stop reading this, go over to their site and download it so you can hear for yourself. I would gladly have given them money for it, and I think you might as well.

By Stan Fitzpatrick ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk