‘Out of the Dark’ is the latest track from poet and MC Chozen, who is gaining a rep for the lyrical content of his abstract songs and subversive message.The opening line, to this dub-step, grime track ‘I’m here now see clear now, erase demons, no fear now, has a prophetic overtone and sets the scene for the beginning of a journey, which has biblical as well as urban references.

For this latest track Chozen has managed to secure a feature from Filly, the girl everyone wants on their songs, either as a singer or a rapper.
The track has been produced by the highly influential Sky Adams, a man, who in the words of the music industry, is on fire!!!

Chozen has teamed up with the legendary director “Elmino Dagreat” and Art 19 production, who have developed a knack for creating mini film videos.

To appreciate this video, you first need to understand, you may never unravel the layers of plot which are compressed into this three minute Pandora’s box.

And If you do manage to read between the lines of the rap and the lines of drama you may still be forced to ask the question, who the f**k, what the f**k, and why the f**k!