The Sudanese Playboys are as culturally exotic and diverse as their quirky name suggests. They bring together influences from these island shores, the Middle East the Caribbean sun and Celtic mists to create a unique indie-groove feel.
While the band pedals syncopated soul rhythms the streaming guitar licks provide a perfect counter melody to the catchy but profound songs that define the Sudanese Playboy sound.

They pull no punches in expressing their experiences and beliefs and with the release of their debut EP ‘Raised on Alcohol’ on Monday December 13th they invite you to join them on their crusade.

Hailing from the borough of Enfield, and forming in 2008 after J, Mem and ‘Big Daddy’ Steve met at T Birds in Finsbury Park, the Sudanese Playboys quickly gained a reputation in the local scene for having great melodies, a fantastic live show and a dedication and passion for real music.

Releasing a 3 track promo single featuring the tracks ‘Dream’, ‘Go’ and the haunting ‘Tired’ cemented this further and with it the bands growing ambition and thirst for success and exposure.
Recording the ‘Raised On Alcohol’ EP at The Way Studios using classic analogue equipment (Neve desk a la Abby Rd and the Beatles, 50’s Neumann U57), they have succeeded in capturing a spirit, vibe and genuine depth of sound that really does the timeless and dynamic song-writing ability they possess real justice.

The title track itself is an anthemic tale of drink fuelled directionless excess and the inevitability of a life-times worth of early morning induced regret – it speaks directly to your subconscious.

To celebrate this release the band are offering the tracks ‘Dream’ and ‘Tired’ for free download via their website www.sudaneseplayboys.com.

‘Raised On Alcohol’ is released on Monday December 13th.