Born out of Los Angeles synthpop trio NightWaves, Goldroom is Josh Legg’s solo effort. An amalgamation of dreamy synths, emotive vocals, and tropical disco grooves, Goldroom paints the soundscape of summertime in Los Angeles. A breezy response to the heavy, dub-laden clubs around Southern California, Goldroom’s music is ready-made to soundtrack apoolside soiree. Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay by Goldroom
Goldroom – Nights In Nantes by Goldroom
Goldroom – City Girls by Goldroom
Influenced heavily by French Touch innovators like Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, Legg has crafted an uniquely Californian take on the genre, incorporating live instrumentation and percussion with elements of downtempo disco to create something more than the sum of its parts.

Goldroom’s first three songs arrive fittingly at the dawn of summer. Morgan’s Bay, City Girls, and Nights In Nantes tell the stories that come from living in a place like Los Angeles.

Themes of lost love and innocence flirt with disco beats and funk bass lines, crafting something fit for a smokey dance floor or a morning drive to the coast. Legg plans to begin releasing more Goldroom material along with official remixes for Penguin Prison and Poolside.

He’s seeking out remix opportunities as well as DJ bookings.“Morgan’s Bay” delivers the standout of the first three Goldroom originals. Crisp organic drums, funk laden guitar riffs, and almost whispered vocals create something of an intimate disco jam.

“Nights In Nantes”, a tribute to his dream of travelling to France to play music, finds Goldroom firmly in his wheelhouse. Smooth synth pads and digital arpeggios lay the foundation for a heavy funk bassline and vocals that promise that we’ll, “see the world through each other’s eyes.”

“City Girls” takes Goldroom towards the grimier underbelly of Los Angeles. Like something that Holy Ghost! might have penned had they lived in Venice, the song’s warning about the city girls “playing too rough” arrives over a bed of hypnotic disco drums and pulsating synth rhythms.