trash boat1St. Albans, Hertfordshire young Pop Punks Trash Boat – Tobi Duncan (vocals), Oakley Moffatt (drums), Dann Bostock (guitar), Ryan Hyslop (guitar), James Grayson (bass) – Unleash their first video for ‘Boneless’, a strong track off their debut EP ‘Look Alive’, available as Name Your Price basis. Singer Tobi explains: “This video basically sums up the first seven months of the band! Writing and recording, gigging and generally have a good time…”

Lyrically ‘Look Alive’ is largely a work of personal catharsis for frontman Tobi Duncan, who spent the two years prior to Trash Boat’s formation in recovery from multiple surgeries. “I met the guys and started writing after a pretty rough time in my life,” recalls the vocalist; “I was in great spirits while writing the album so none of it came from sadness or regret. I’m thankful for everything that happened cos it made me who I am, and I’m pretty hap-py with that.

It was kinda fun to reflect and write about it all. But, I don’t think I can write a lot more about the past – I don’t want to dwell on it. I want to start writing about the present, and issues that surround us.” trash boat2Tobi adds: “I’m really proud of this EP. I’ve been in so many bands and had loads of fun along the way, but they all faded away for one reason or another, so I’m happy that I’ve finally found a group of talented dudes to write, record and perform with.”

On the huge revival of rock/punk/pop sound, Drummer Oakley comments…“I’m not really sure why pop punk is back. Personally, I’m very happy to see it make a comeback – I grew up listening to Blink-182 and Sum 41, and today’s new wave of bands is awesome. I guess people just missed it!”