Polish band Tides From Nebula have been enthralling audiences across mainland Europe since 2008 and they bring to these shores their new album ‘Earthshine’.‘Earthshine’ introduces to us one of the top bands to emerge from Poland in the past few years.

Already stalwarts of the inaugural end of year lists in their homeland, Tides From Nebula are a band that simply cannot be ignored, not just for their superior musicianship, but also their breath taking live performances and enthralling recordings. With their debut album ‘Aura’ which was warmly received from all over Europe to their new and second album ‘Earthshine’ produced by acclaimed composer and songwriter Zbigniew Preisner, they are destined to achieve even more plaudits which is so richly deserved.

Tides From Nebula invoke every possible emotion across their very own desert of sound, songs that seemingly wash over you with each wave upon wave of sonic sound.

Playing to larger audiences with each appearance across the North Sea now is the time for them to bring their unique sound to these shores. They embark on a European tour including a support to fellow Poles Riverside in May.