the-marivaux1The Marivaux are Manchester based four piece Phil McAdam (vocals/guitar), Rik Packer (bass,vocals), Matt Shields (lead guitar) and Ben Peacock (drums). They wanted to make more out of a life of dead end jobs and the strangling recession so they took to music to escape, creating memorable and lovable tunes. Here’s their charming free download ‘All In Good Time’.

Their forthcoming EP ‘All In Good Time’ is released on 10th November .

Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?

About eight or nine years of age, myself (Phil) and my older cousin binged on Michael Jackson and Mario Kart. That got my ears tingling, but I can also remember my Granddad’s bagpipes in Ireland and Uncle’s organ playing which was haunting to say the least!

When did you start writing your own songs/music?

Funnily enough, in Ireland. I was raised in Manchester, but went to Ireland when I was eighteen almost as rehab from some bad decisions I’d made in the UK. I went over for work and generally played a lot on my own in the evenings, where I wrote the idea for my first ‘actual’ song, Horns.

What would you say is your music career highlight to date?

Well it’s gotta be a gig because that’s where we have the most fun, but if it was any from all the ones we’ve played in the last 4 years all over Europe I reckon its Sweeneys, Dublin. Insane night, never been in a place so full. People were squeezing into the smoking area on each others shoulders tryna get a look! Wicked bunch of people!!

Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences?

It’s hard for us to say because it’s coming from our brains, but subconsciously we are probably most infected by bands like The Stone Roses, Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd to name a few. Weird mix?

Great name. What was it about L’Île des Esclaves that spoke to you?

Random name, we think. That’s how we picked it – randomly. I always knew who and what de Marivaux was, but only recently got round to reading him and I thought he taps into some quite dark emotions especially The island of Slaves, where the shoe is on the other foot.

What’s the most embarassing/interesting thing that’s happened to you at a gig?

We blagged our way on to a Latin music stage during a summer festival in Hamburg, and they quite literally pulled the plug on us when we weren’t playing Latin music, I always wondered why?

Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?

There are some great Manchester acts around now like The Travelling Band, Findlay, JJ Rosa & our friends The Gramotones and Dirty Brunswick.

Any gigs coming up?

24th October at Night and Day Café, Oldham St is our ‘All In Good Time’ single launch before we head to Europe on 30th to tour the single (out on 20th October) and EP of the same name (out on 10th November).

9. Where can we find/follow you online?