The Fix was born out of a desire to offer just that to the world – an escape from the daily grind to an alternative reality where freedom and liberty are key.

The musical journeys of Rhianna Kenny and Bill Laurance started off in decidedly different places – young pop diva from Leeds, in the top 20 as a teenager and London-bred jazz virtuoso, master of a wealth of instruments – but a chance meeting set off the musical spark that burns bright at the heart of The Fix.

‘Human Love’ is the sound of soaring, soulful pop melody colliding with a wealth of percussive ideas, out-of-this world piano lines and cutting-edge production nous (“We’re fascinated by the idea of nature vs machine”, says Rhianna) – not to mention an array of strange instruments picked up by Bill on his travels.

“I’m really interested in good lyrics, I find writing a very cathartic process because I’m dealing with feelings and situations that I’ve experienced, that have had a genuine impact on me. It all comes out in the wash.”

Says Rhianna:
“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to connect with a lot of people. Watching a band that can really bring people together, that’s a special feeling and what we’re aiming for. It’s music written with festival crowds in mind.”

Don’t be surprised to see them in front of such crowds sooner rather than later. Make no mistake: big things lie ahead for The Fix.