FAME Presents: The Donots

German punk royalty The Donots are a band with a quite amazing pedigree.
600,000 units sold worldwide. Three Top 20 albums in their native Germany.

Two Top 10 albums in Japan. Over 1000 live shows (with acts like Green Day, Bad Religion, Blink182, AFI, The Offspring, NOFX, Iggy Pop, Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, The Hives, etc).
Soundtrack contributions to a TONNE of video games (Guitar Hero, Need For Speed, MVP Baseball, Burnout III, Drum Maniac, Guitar Freak).

With a staggering eight albums under their belts already, this youthful, dynamic quintet are set to bring their infectious and compelling punk rock extravaganza to the UK.

In Sept 2010 the band unleash their latest aural cannonball – the resolutely catchy and powerful ‘The Long Way Home’ album.

‘The Long Way Home’ is brimming with finesse, unusual ideas, undeniable anthems and the enjoyment of stylistic experimentation.

There’s a lot to be discovered, like a great burlesque performer this record reveals itself slowly teasing you with a little more each time.

Be it a melody, a backing vocal, a sound or a seemingly incongruous sound there’s always something to tweak the ears.

Strings, accordion, tuba, mandolin, double-bass, piano, Guido’s glasses: all on board.

The attention to detail is continued through to the stunning artwork, oft overlooked in today’s digital age.

It’s all there. Lace up your favourite boots, strap on your headphones and enjoy é ‘The Long Way Home’!

Or to quote Ingo: ‘The Long Way Home’ is also the decision to take a detour when you leave a party drunk, with great music in your ear, because it feels right in the moment.” Any questions left?

With a feet on the ground / fist in the air attitude, and a boat load of ambitious, dark veined punk anthems, The Donots are all set to be your new favourite band.