FAME Presents: The Christophers

The Christophers are wearing dark suits with quite scary specs. They look like they work for a top secret government research facility – or have escaped from one.

Wherever it is they’ve come from, anyway, they’ve come equipped with minimalist art-rock post-punk disco-funk so sharp it’d have The Rapture stocking up on Elastoplasts.

There’s a delightful cynicism about their lyrics and some killer hooks and beats.
Add to that some sturdy assertive basslines, demonically absrasive guitar parts and the precision beat of a drum machine underpinning staccato near-robotic vocals, and overall you get something which takes in rather a lot of 1979 (specifically The Fall, A Certain Ratio, Wire and Talking Heads) and dumps it squarely in 2007 (there are bits where if you close your eyes it actually might be LCD Soundsystem).