Check the massive new single from alternative rock band The Chevin, taken from their upcoming album, Borderland, due out May 28.

The Chevin’s lead singer Coyle Girelli has anything against arty guitar bands, as he told the ripongazette.co.uk: “I like arty bands but what I really love is good melodies and big tunes, what matters to me is songs and songwriters.

The music we write and play is the sort of stuff we like ourselves but there doesn’t seem to be much out there at the moment.”

For their forthcoming, self-financed debut album Borderland, The Chevin originally wanted to record in a forest but they had to make do with a desert instead.

Coyle explains: “I wrote most of the album a year and a half ago. The aim was to be cut off from the rest of the world when we recorded it.

We were relying on our own money but LA producer Noah Shain heard our work on Fierce Panda and offered us his ranch studio in the desert outside El Paso which is right on the border of the drug wars. It was a bit crazy.”