Tessera Skies droplet1Newcastle upon Tyne-based trio Tessera Skies – Mark Broughton, Matt Hardy, Ben Helm – shares ‘Droplet’, released on new Northern UK label Mono.

The intriguing and magical tune (a double a-side split single with Ajimal), will be accompanied by remixes of Tessera Skies’ ‘Droplet’ by Dutch Uncles, as well as Ajimal’s ‘Nothing Touches Me’ remix from shArds.

On the Mono’s originality and passion ethos, the label explains: “This first release encompasses everything that we stand for and we are proud to be putting out Tessera Skies and Ajimal out on a format they deserved to be heard on.”

Tessera Skies’ Droplet will be available alongside Ajimal’s Nothing Touches Me as part of Mono’s double a-side on 12” heavyweight vinyl, with Tessera Skies’ following release being set for early 2015.