tanika523-year old south London rising star Tanika describes herself: “Cool, edgy and soulful”

“I sing to make people forget their problems while I forget mine too. My music is honesty, truth and emotion. We are who we are, I am who I am, and we are all special to someone”

Stunning Tanika is not afraid to admit that she experienced a troubled childhood, from family drama to misconduct in school; her past was never a straight road. 240913_10151598950084126_1250166452_otanikaFrom growing up with a Rastafarian mother and the frequent sounds of Bob Marley, to five sisters playing the soulful sounds of Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill and Tina Turner.

The diversity of music Tanika grew up listening to undoubtedly contributes to the distinguishing sound she provides for listeners today.

The singer/songwriter says: “My family would stand me on at a table when I was eight and make me sing SWV, it’s what I knew best…”tanika3tanika4Tanika is the latest talent exported from the streets of London and not one to forget where her roots lie; she aspires to rep the UK.