72 Names is the exciting new album by hotly-tipped singer-songwriter Tally Koren.
Produced by Phil Curren and Yoad Nevo, who has made platinum selling albums for the likes of the Sugababes, Girls Aloud and The Pet Shop Boys, 72 Names blends Tally’s distinctive, resonant vocals with the many distinct sounds and cultures that have influenced Tally throughout her life.

Tally’s music has featured on the EMI compilation CD Crossover Superstar and has been used on the soundtracks of the critically acclaimed independent films Cargo by Andi Reiss and Louis Melville’s The Man Who Sold the World which screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

On both film soundtracks, Tally’s beautiful and unique voice won admirers and her music is now deservedly finding a wider audience all over the globe.
Originally born in Israel and now living in London, Tally has regularly performed at many of London top venues as well as at events such as The Marbella International Film Festival and with 72 Names she makes a powerful statement of intent as a solo artist to really watch out for.

Showcasing percussive beats that reflect her Middle Eastern roots fused with Western electronic influences, 72 Names is a truly unique album which heralds the arrival of a new and refreshingly different talent.