Talitha Guisti is no stranger to the music scene having fronted the rock band Jynxt; she caught the eye of the media who loved the smooth rock edginess of her voice.2011 seemed the ideal time to go it alone to be a solo artist in her own right. Fiercely independent and focused the solo arena suited Talitha perfectly. Save Me by Talitha Giusti
She certainly has the right rock credentials, a rebellious youth, growing up on the road, a cosmopolitan upbringing based between Italy and England and along this incredible journey she has penned some absolutely brilliant emotive and atmospheric rock tracks, including ‘Perfectly Broken’, which is the forthcoming single.Talitha has built up a strong fan base over the last couple of years with performances at renowned venues such as the 100 Club and has been touring extensively, her powerful voice, attitude and dark side have been compared to contemporaries such as Amy Lee and Pink but with the retro classic rock appeal of Joan Jett.
Talitha Giusti
‘Perfectly Broken’
Release Date: 22nd August 2011
Label: Halo Records / NOVA