Check out Nashville based (stylish) rock band Shirock’s free taster track ‘You Keep Me Singing’, taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Everything Burns’and due to be released in February 2013 via The Movement Group / Sony / RED / CEN.
The band’s debut UK single ‘New Solution’, is released in September 2012, accompanied by their first UK tour.

Chuck Shirock, the band’s founder, front man and namesake grew up in the Philippines and Scotland before his family returned to the States to settle in Detroit, Michigan. Chuck developed a love of singing and performing as a child, and began writing and recording on his own as a young teenager.

Chuck met Pap toward the end of high school in 1999. Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Pap grew up in a very musical family, and started playing classical piano at age 5.

They soon discovered they shared many of the same passions and experiences, including their love of music, a broad worldview and a desire to have an impact on the people around them. Soon after, the two began to collaborate as their relationship grew.Chuck and Pap also run a Nashville based clothing line, Irock Clothing, which features shirts, jackets, bags, and accessories, rapidly selling out in every boutique that carries the range! As a model for a number of key fashion houses, Pap says “We’ve always been interested in fashion, and really wanted to make clothing that we would want to wear.

Designing this collection has been another creative outlet and vehicle for the ideas in our music”. A new range of Irock Clothing is due out later this year.

“We are so excited about coming to the UK,” Chuck says – “We feel as though we’ve been building up to something, and we believe this year is it.”