SHe’S HiT release ‘Shimmer Shimmer’ single on 23rd May, with their debut album ‘Pleasure’ following on 6th June.Often likened to the bastard child of Mark E Smith and The Cramps, SHe’S HiT are dirty snarled vocals and punk-rock energy – sticking two fingers up to the fey scene dominant in their Glasgow homeland.There’s also the aforementioned garage, sometimes sleazy, other times raw and un-hinged, the downbeat psychedelic moments and the enthralling post-punk strength rolled into one classic sounding debut record made by one of the UK’s most exciting emerging bands.
SHe’S HiT play the following live shows:
29th April: Common Rooms, Glasgow
21st May: Stag & Dagger, Glasgow (venue TBC)
6th June: Club Spangle @ Bull & Gate, London (Album Launch Party)

pic by ©Fraser McFadzean