Check out new Rock n’ Roll duo Romans. Download for free their infectious new single ‘Mystery Girl’ here.

A refreshing twist on current Rock n’ Roll, the band plays with 100% heart and soul. Incorporating the best parts of 50’s Doo Wop, 60’s Brit-Rock, and 70’s Glam, Romans bring together an array of sounds to create the perfect blend of musical nirvana.
“If you go far enough into the future and look back at a specific period from the past, everything seems to blend together,” Fury says.

Helmed by Jeremy Fury (singer for Ohio-based band We Are The Fury) and supported by Craig Bonich (guitarist of Head Automatica and Jaguar Love), Romans strives for timeless, not temporary, firmly steeping themselves in the classic composure of music’s most prolific songwriters.

‘Mystery Girl’ is only the beginning for Romans…
Photo by Beowulf Sheehan