Croydon’s accomplished Electro R&B princess, Raye (17 years old Rachel Keen), shares ‘Bet U Wish’. Another irresistible number coming off her confident debut EP ‘’Welcome To The Winter’ (out now as a free download).

The EP features 7 tracks dealing with everyday thoughts and trivialities of a young adult’s life…Just like ‘Hotbox’, written at the age of 15, inspired by her experience on the top deck of a Croydon night bus, when she was greeted by a group of 20-something who decided it was right to light up a joint…That was the moment when Raye realized, that people at this young age like herself, have to passively inhale a lot of crap, whether they like it or not.

Here’s the splendidly smooth ‘Welcome To The Winter’

‘Welcome To The Winter’ EP is available to download for free now at her website: rayesongs.com

Raye also plays the Hoxton Square Bar & Grill on 9th December for Gold Dust w/ Laurel, and Jamie Isaac