osca1South East London’s Osca reveal their 2nd track ‘Illume’ (via Duly Noted Records), a charmingly uplifting tune, from a band capable to deliver exquisite song writing, catching melodies & special live performances. Check out ‘Illume’ & their impressive debut track ‘Blood’.

Singer & writer Jack Kenworthy explains: ‘Illume’s about simplicity and how that always means the most. I remember going to Glastonbury that year when I wrote it and coming back remembering Rolling Stones set ender, Saticfation, and the way everyone sang along to all the words. I came home and was messing around on the piano, and the chorus came quickly. I started singing ‘I illume” for no reason. It’s not a word you hear often but it fit the melody, feeling bright and colourful”

Osca’s next London show is September 10th, at Electrowerkz supporting Walking On Cars.