noirnoir1Manchester’s strong new alt-rock quartet Noir | Noir – Finn Sedas (guitars, keyboard and vocals), Nora King (bass and vocals), Eoin Ryan (drums) and Manuel Alcaino (guitar and vocals) – release their interesting & stomping debut single ‘Claustrophobic Love’ on 16th February via Nef Music. Watch the Silence of the Lambs-esque video, directed by Shaun O’ Connor, to accompany the track.

Hi Noir Noir how are you?

Ah good yeah.

Great! For the readers who haven’t heard you before how would you describe your sound?

Like a police helicopter chasing a monkey driving a very fast car with heavy melodic rock on the radio.

Who are your biggest influences?

Everything from Leonard Cohen to Nirvana to Ennio Morricone, just as long as it’s creative, interesting and has balls.

What is the local scene like in Manchester?

There are more punters than bands which isn’t the way it is in Cork, Ireland where 2 of us are from. That’s obviously a good thing if you’re in a band. There are still loads of good bands, promoters and venues here. But there is enough of a population here to support it. It’s a very healthy scene.

Any bands you would recommend from back home?

Yes indeed. Check out Fox Jaw, O Emperor and The Altered Hours.noirnoir2You are due to release your single ‘Claustrophobic Love’ in February. What are the themes contained in the track?

We prefer to leave interpretations of songs up to the listeners.

How do you as a band go about the songwriting process?

Usually, someone brings in a springboard section of music which has a certain theme or vibe. The rest of the band then builds up that section while using the main theme or vibe as a focal point. When it comes time to write the next sections of the song we try every avenue available; jam it out, talk it out, go home and try come up with individual ideas or a mixture of all those. It’s usually a slow and painstaking process, we put ourselves under a lot of pressure to produce music that we ourselves are fans of.

Which band or artist would you most like to support given the chance?

Radiohead. Amazing band with great fans.

What can fans expect from a Noir|Noir live show?

Loud but dynamic. We play hard but we don’t repeat ourselves.

What are your plans after the single release?

We’re touring the UK in support of the release starting with a hometown show in Manchester on Thursday, 26th February at Night & Day Cafe. Then we’ll be getting for a follow-up release around April. You can check out dates at facebook.com/NoirNoir


By Max Patton ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk