Noah Kenton1Manassas, Virginia based indie/folk singer/songwriter Noah Kenton introduces himself by saying: “I try to make music that is as personal and heartfelt as possible. But I try to involve open ended elements so that it can be related to on many different levels. My life and musical journey has had a lot of troubles and trials along the way, but I am geared toward working hard and staying positive to reach where I know I can be.”

‘Oh No’ is a rather promising emotional-driven debut track, taken from Noah Kenton’s debut EP, ‘Something Shook’, set for a January 2015 release.

Speaking about the EP, recorded in Minneapolis at Humans Win Studios, Noah reveals: “From a different angle, this EP for me is a lot more about resolving problems from my past more than anything else. From aspects like coming to grips with my distaste for the religion I was brought up to just missing people and failed friendships. This project brought me a lot of closure on some issues that I had been working through during the recording process and I feel so free now that it’s all finished.”Noah Kenton2