MoXiiE2Brooklyn, NY-based Haitian singer/songwriter MoXiiE shares the video for her strong debut tune ‘Anyway’.

The beautiful rising-star was born to teenage parents, there was no money, no plan. She was raised on MTV, sounds of the Caribbean, Biggie & Jay-z. MoXiiE reveals: “I was sent to live with family in Haiti with my siblings because my mom was really young, my dad bailed out and the drug issue in our neighborhood was really bad. My grandma stepped in a lot, and supported us as a maid at a hotel in NYC. Of course I hated moving to Haiti, but now I am so grateful for that experience.” MoXiiE1On her journey full of survival and sacrifice, she says: “I know what it’s like to be without. I’ve wondered how I was gonna eat. There have been so many times when I was just flat broke. I waitressed, cleaned dance studios and bathrooms so I could afford dance classes. Music just drives me. Keeps me looking at that light. That possibility.” MoXiiE3After years of songwriting for others in NYC, L.A. and Atlanta, Moxiie decided enough was enough… “It was killing me. I was so unhappy. I needed to get back to why I started. So I went out on my own and I’ve been on the journey ever since.”