Not unsurprisingly for the new musical project from JD Samson – ex Le Tigre lynchpin, gender provocateur, bona fide pop icon and one of the most consistently groundbreaking and fascinating musicians we have today – MEN are an unashamedly politicised beast.
Indeed, their Myspace creed reads that with their music they intend to “speak to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise and demanding liberties”.

What people may not be expecting however, is how addictively catchy and instantly infectious it all is, making MEN a tremendously exciting and tantalising new act indeed.
Originally conceived in 2007 as a DJ project with fellow Le Tigre compatriot Johanna Fateman, since then MEN has gradually evolved to become a “band and art/performance collective that focuses on the energy of live performance and radical potential of dance music”, complete with the addition of new members Ginger Brooks Takahashi (LTTR) and Michael O’Neill (Ladybug Transistor)True to their manifesto.

“Credit Card Babie$”, their debut UK single, is a propulsive slice of galloping, galvanising electro pop, a perfect synthesis of pounding disco beats and razor sharp guitar lines with a delicious sting in its tail – as Samson’s lines of “why procreate/ and overpopulate/ there’s insecurity/ questioning our liberty” might indicate.

Far from being simply a rousing dancefloor belter, the track is also a scathing critique on parental rights for homosexuals, a mocking takedown of the rigid current political climate, and also gloriously irreverent to boot, as Samson chants, “I’m gonna f**k my friends/ I’m gonna f**k my best to get a little tiny baby”, dripping with sarcasm.

The single also comes backed with a slew of electrifying remixes by a coterie of up and coming artists, like Lauren Flax, Barletta and Australian duo Stereogamous, who, rather aptly, aim to bring “something dark and provocative and predatory to your earhole”.

A debut album is also on the horizon for 2011, with the band set to come to the UK once more for some of their trademark raucous shows later in the year.

MEN Debut single “Credit Card Babie$”
Single released September 6 on 12” vinyl through Trouble Records