Mama Chill – Doing It for M.E: It takes a brave if not foolhardy person to take a classic track such as Ann Peebles 1973 hit ‘I can’t stand the rain’ and turn it into a credible modern rap track about living with the illness Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E).

It shouldn’t work, but it does, and far from being unpalatable Mama Chill
has created a powerful in ya face, tell it like it is track to be proud of alongside a slideshow of images that enhance the story further.

This is a lady who certainly means business, having been told she would have to give up any idea of a music career and succumb to a sedate life of cocoa and slippers, she’s been fighting back ever since to prove the doubters wrong.

Taken from the album “Nobody Wants to Know Ya When Ya Nobody” available on ITunes containing 13 personal true stories makes it a must listen to.

Good reviews, magazine coverage, and mainstream radio play are all ensuring that Mama Chill’s determination isn’t about to be dampened any time soon.

All Proceeds Of Downloads Of “I Cant Stand Tha Rain” Will Be Donated To The Charity Action For M.E.