Mads Langer is set to release his highly anticipated new album BEHOLD in the UK on 4th October. The first single from Behold is “Microscope” and will be followed by “Riding Elevators”The story behind BEHOLD began in November of 2009 when the London based Mads Langer was asked by his local radio station to record a cover for their Best of 90s campaign. “I went through tons of 90’s dance compilations before I finally found a song with lyrics that actually meant something”. He picked Olive’s “You’re Not Alone”.
A year later his contemporary and emotionally charged interpretation of the song had topped the charts around Europe and Mads found himself performing in front of 80,000 people.

This was immediately followed by another wave of attention, this time with an original song “The River Has Run Wild” when it was featured in the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries.

Having written the songs for the album, Mads also co-produced them with collaborators such as Ethan Allen (Tricky, Throwing Muses) and Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz) with the personal goal of capturing the intimate emotions of the live performances which are at the core of Mads’ artistry.

“I’m very inspired by the way jazz musicians such as Keith Jarrett let their hands run out of control and create big poetic moments out of improvisation.

The same goes for other big artists like Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley – I can relate to all three because they seem to let their intuition and musicality take them to beautiful places in the same way that my own music originates.

BEHOLD is a reflection of the constant flow of music in my mind, a permanent dialogue of lyrics and melodies capturing snapshots of my life” says Mads.

Mads Langer will be performing at The Borderline, London on August 17th in conjunction with HMV.

BEHOLD will be released on 4th October.