Having spent 2010 honing themselves into the formidable live proposition they now are, Look, Stranger! now present their debut EP If You’re Listening.If You’re Listening was self-recorded after a frustrating series of recording sessions in various, ever-more bizarre studios culminated in a surreal day in Surrey at the heart of the world’s largest porn film complex.

Wipe-clean surfaces, amps perched on chaise-longues, and pole-dancing poles in the control room were all too much, and the band decided to do it themselves.

But don’t equate ‘DIY’with‘amateur’; the production is accomplished and clear, with its own a distinctive character.

If You’re Listening is set for release on the 13th June 2011.

Upcoming live dates Include:
May 05 The Old Queen’s Head London
May 12 The Great Escape / Latest Music Bar Brighton
Jun 05 The Old Queen’s Head London
Jun 10 EP Launch @ the Old Blue Last London