FAME Presents: Little Comets

Little Comets: Robert, Michael, Mark and Matt first met in a little greengrocers beneath the hue drenched hills of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Sharing a mutual abandon for David Bowie, dalliance and limes they became a bonded musical quadrilateral in 2008, playing a series of gigs in barns, houses, university lecture theatres, prisms and trains.

After this things fluctuated wildly between recording an album in a school/farmhouse (produced by Michael, mixed by Rich Costey), playing gigs with people like Hockey, Delphic and Noisettes, and falling out with a rather large record label.
Influenced by books as much as music as much as their natural surroundings, Little Comets try to capture bits and pieces from places like Jonathan Safran Foer, Kate Rusby, Joan Miró and attach them to songs.

Using bright rhythmic melodies to assuage often dark didactic lyrics, the result is something hopefully as authentic as the intention was originally meant to be.

With a new song (called Isles) released in October, Little Comets will be touring both on their own and with friends Darwin Deez throughout the month, hoping to gather the pace, swiftness and warmth to counteract the burgeoning autumnal shades.

LITTLE COMETS “ISLES” Released 18th Oct 2010 on Dirty Hit Ltd