With their soaring hooks and glam looks, Joywride are looking to redecorate the charts with a glamorous pop panache.

It all began with a chance meeting at a Mexican themed garden barbecue between frontman Ollie Wride and guitarist Josh Dally where – wearing sombreros and fake moustaches and over nachos and tortillas – they feverishly regaled their love of music from the glam pop era, and in particular its honesty. When Josh said: “Yes but you can’t really play that kind of music in a band now” and Ollie replied with such certainty “Yes you can!” – Joywride was born.

Ollie says “I wanted to put together a glam pop band which is what it is – just that!” The pair then took their time to find the remaining members of Joywride who would share that vision, that turned out to be drummer James Cross (who claims to have been raised by wolves but probably just needs a comb) and bassist Poppy Kavanagh (who wasn’t even alive in the Eighties, but looks like she never left it). James explains: “Bands now are all style over substance, we don’t want to be that. If it’s four people in the room or 15,000, what I like is that we still give it the same intensity.”

Poppy adds: “Cool moves so quickly now that people can’t keep up with it, and when you look back at bands from the Seventies, whether ska or punk you had that whole lifestyle thing and attitude to the music played, which you don’t get now,… this band has.”

Joywride spend most of their time honing their stagecraft and focussed on putting on a show, as well as spending time writing future pop anthems.

Ollie summarises: “We want to be as good as we can before we get there. For me it’s about being a performer, whether it is Jagger, Jackson, Mercury, Bolan, ACDC… even Stevie Wonder, they’re all incredible. It’s a dying art and we’re picking up the baton where our heroes left off.”