Wow! Check out new pop vixen Jenn D’s debut single ‘Lose It’, released on 18th of November.

Originally from Liverpool, Jenn D is a singer, songwriter and musician, ambitious and incredibly talented young foxy lady. The video for her amazing debut single ‘Lose It’, was shot in LA, and showcases Jenn D’s fresh thinking style, establishing her support for young British fashion designers such as Nabil Nayal. She says “I’m Jenn D …Singer/Songwriter used to be in a band called Soft Toy Emergency. I’m currently writing demos for my debut album. Making music makes me happy. Xxx “No better time for FAME to find out more about lovely Jenny D..

What kind of music do you make and play?

I would describe my music as electro pop – it’s fun and makes you feel good.

Where are you from?

I’m from up north (England) but I’m spending a lot of time down south I’ve been recording and doing lots of shoots recently – it’s only a couple of hours on the train so I tend to come to London a lot.How did you start making music and when?

I was 14 when I started to get into music and at about 18 I started to record. 14

Who are your influences in the music industry?

Everyone from Nelly Furtado to David Bowie and Debby Harry. My iPod has got so many difference artsits on I like to keep it fresh and new and listen to a mixture of older artists as well as new British artists as well.Do you have any fashion tips for our readers?

It’s really important to be comfortable and be yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself through your clothes. Always go with your gut instinct when you are trying things on as well.

I like to wear up and coming designers as well as high street and then you don’t have the worry you will bump into people wearing the exact same outfit as you which can be awkward.

Perfect night out for you? And with who?

It would have to be with all my friends meeting for a cocktail first and then going out for a dance until the early hours.

What’s coming next for you?

I’ve got some really exciting live dates coming up, lots of photo shoots, the video shoot for the next single and my album release too.How important is the internet and social network sites to the success of your music?

They are really important and you need to have good songs as well it’s. I love tweeting – it’s so addictive and it’s also a great way to stay in touch with your fans and followers too.

Influences in fashion and trends?

British designers. I did the music for my friend Nabil Nayal at his London Fashion Week show. I get inspired from fashion and things that I saw in the show as well.
Tonal dressing is going to be a big trend which is cool.
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‘Lose It’ is released on 18th of November.