To celebrate the EP ‘A Thousand Times Before’ (out now), Goodbye, Labrador are giving away a free download of ‘Memoir’.
With roots in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Prague, the band blend stateside harmonies with distinctly European nostalgia.

‘A Thousand Times Before’, is a dreamy, guitar-driven collection of skilfully textured melodies matched with creative lyrics.
Guitarist Phil says – “Memoir is a song that really changed and developed throughout the writing process, more than many of the others.

The theme was first written in Brooklyn but it didn’t start taking shape until later in Barcelona where we started getting a feel for the rhythms and drones.

We finished the music in Lisbon while rehearsing for a tour and pushed it through a few different moods and styles; originally, it had a much louder, more angsty chorus.

The actual result is a bit darker, somber and beautiful.

The lyrics were written in a small courtyard out back, in what used to be old stables where I spent two days writing relentlessly – these days were among the richest and most fulfilling in my entire life.

I focused on telling this story, essentially of a young man discovering the letters of his late grandfather and finding a connection to the past and a deeper understanding of an identity, that carries through generations.

Structurally, each part of the song represents a different perspective and timeframe. This wasn’t consciously planned-out in the writing process as much as what grew out of pages.”