Check out Goldray’s debut Single ‘Don’t Walk Away’, released on Monday 30th July. Goldray is Reef guitarist Kenwyn House, Leah Rasmussen and Faithless drummer Andy Treacey.
Vocalist Leah Rasmussen is a rock and house diva whose vocals have fronted hits for Hydrogen, EMI, Bedrock and Renaissance.

Kenwyn House, guitarist of the 90s mega band Reef, whose knack for those killer guitar hooks and hypnotic textures makes you want to turn the radio up to ear-shattering volume. Goldray is also the pounding beats of Andy Treacey the amazing powerhouse drummer who gave Faithless their Rhythmic heart.

The band blends perfectly, psych and prog experimental arrangements and flights of fancy, with soaring vocal flair.

‘Don’t Walk Away’ will be self released on 30th July 2012.