Riotous 21-strong female choir Gaggle are ready to unleash their debut album, ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’ on June 4th through Transgressive Records. Their lead single, ‘Army of Birds’ will be released on May 21st.

Led by Deborah Coughlin, Gaggle started as a vision, a vision of a mass of women onstage, and this is exactly what she has achieved alongside her writing-partner Simon Dempsey. Now, the story continues with this thrilling, sonorous and unique debut.Imagine the Spice Girls and Marina Abramovic on Motley Crue’s tour bus and you’ll have a vague sense of the spirits that saw the girls banned from Reading Festival, albeit only for 45 minutes.

Britain’s Got Talent even wanted to get in on the act, but this missed the point. Gaggle aren’t a novelty act. They mean business.

“I’d always known where it would go – I knew it was a project that could cross boundaries and play in vastly different spaces,” Deborah says and this became all the more apparent with the Gaggle’s next step.

Gaggle is not an act of positive discrimination nor simply a feminist collective. It’s not even a cohesive unit – except in that moment of performance, where it’s an army in uniform.

What Gaggle is however, is something different, something exciting and completely now.